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Venetian place names

The Venetian terms you will come across are many, because the Venetian speak to everyone including the tourist in their mellifluous dialect, the same you will hear in any of the Goldoni plays.
The streets of Venice have names all their own: this is how you will able to make your way through the maze of calli (narrow street) and campielli (small squares) listed by Nizioloeti, the squares with the place names painted on the walls. The foresti, or tourists, soon learn that in Venice there are no streets as such, nor squares, there are no roads (or are very rare). They have instead Calli, short streets with houses and palazzos, Fondamenta, a paved road with the canal on one side, Campi, large public squares, Campielli, smaller squares, Corti, such as the one of Gallo where Locanda Gaffaro is located, an even smaller and often private square that can only be accessed by the owners of the houses that overlook it. You will encounter a Salizzada, a paved road and a Rio terrà,, a covered canal, a Piscina, half-way between a calle and a campo in size, a covered water space, while the Bacino is a true water mirror. Finally we have the Sestiere, the neighborhood.

We could continue on and on but these will have to do for now. Come to see us at the hotel, at the Locanda Gaffaro, we will tell you about Rughe, Sacche, Liste and all the other special place names of Venice!