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Located in the heart of a little-known Venice, away from the usual tourist bustle that makes it even more attractive, hotel Locanda Gaffaro can be found in the wonderful Corte del Gallo, in the Dorsoduro district. The surroundings of the rooms for rent Locanda Gaffaro are truly Venetian: the tranquility of the narrow streets and small squares frequented by the native Venetians, a few artistic and historic masterpieces located very near the hotel, the convenience of being only a few minutes away from the vaporettos that travel around all of Venice and to beautiful and renowned places such as Saint Mark's and the Rialto, as well as artisan shops, stores and markets, bacari (the traditional inns) and the typical restaurants.

Guests have the great advantage of being just a few meters from some of the most picturesque and lively areas such as Campo Santa Margherita, at 300 meters from Locanda al Gaffaro, surrounded by housing and palazzos from the 14th century. In the morning revel in the typical Venetian life with the small fish, fruit and vegetable market, bakeries and small shops. A very lively place especially at dusk when young people and university students come down here as the bacari, small restaurants and pizzerias and ice cream parlors light up; the Zattere are a quarter of an hour away. This was the area where the zattere (rafts) would unload the wood for the construction of the Serenissima's ships, and that nowadays is a long panoramic promenade where the Venetians love to spend a summer day strolling about or just sitting at a bar or at an ice cream shop to sip a spritz (Venetian aperitif) or to taste a Gianduiotto, the traditional ice cream slice with hazelnut praline dipped in whipped cream (must try it!). Squero di San Trovaso, a shipyard from the 17th century where still to these days the artisans and the master builders build the famous gondolas, is very close by.

Authentic treasures of famous works are: the Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, at 500 meters from the rooms for rent Locanda al Gaffaro, one of the most important ones in Venice for the splendid paintings by Titian and Bellini and other masterworks; the Church of San Sebastiano, at 10 minutes on foot from the hotel, houses the most important painting cycle of the Veronese; Ca' Rezzonico, at 600 meters, the fantastic museum of 18th-century Venetian art, furniture, original decor, and works by Longhi and Tiepolo. Saint Mark's Square and Rialto Bridge can be reached by a 20-minute walk or conveniently with the vaporettos that go through the Grand Canal from the San Tomà stop (at 10 minutes from Locanda Gaffaro), or from Piazzale Roma.

Locanda Gaffaro
Dorsoduro 3589, 30123 Venezia, Italia

How to reach us

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By plane

Either from Venice Airport "Marco Polo" (at 13 km from Venice) or from Treviso Airport "San Giuseppe" (at 30 km from Venice), take the ATVO shuttle for Venice – Piazzale Roma (air terminal). From here continue on foot, Hotel Locanda Gaffaro is 5 minutes away. With Piazzale Roma behind you, continue on your right, soon you will be able to see three bridges that intertwine, go through them, going down on your left and go straight along the Fondamenta del Magazen that shortly after becomes Fondamenta del Gaffaro. Continue straight (the canal will be on your left), follow the fondamenta that turns right and changes its name to Fondamenta del Malcanton. After 50 meters, with Ponte Marcello behind you) turn right, you will see a small square with a fountain, at number 3589 you will find Locanda Gaffaro .

By car

From highways A4 and A27 once you pass the toll booth of Mestre, Mogliano and Roncade, continue along the ring road (tangenziale) and follow directions for Venice. At the end of the long Ponte della Libertà leave your car behind the parking at Tronchetto or Piazzale Roma (car terminal). From Tronchetto take a vaporetto or a bus for Piazzale Roma. Continue on foot as above (By plane).

By train

From Venice station of "Santa Lucia", cross the big Ponte degli Scalzi. After crossing the bridge turn right and continue along the fondamenta (the canal will be on your right) until you reach a small bridge at the foot of which turn left on Fondamenta dei Tolentini. Travel the entire length of the fondamenta with the canal on your right, until you will find yourself in front of another bridge, cross it and turn left on Fondamenta del Gaffaro. Continue straight (the canal will be on your left), follow the fondamenta that turns right and changes its name to Fondamenta del Malcanton. After 50 meters, with Ponte Marcello behind you, turn right, you will see a small square with a fountain, at number 3589 you will find Locanda Gaffaro .

Venetian place names

The Venetian terms you will come across are many, because the Venetian speak to everyone including the tourist in their mellifluous dialect, the same you will hear in any of the Goldoni plays. The streets of Venice have names all their own: this is how you will able to make your way through the maze of calli (narrow street) and campielli (small squares) listed by Nizioloeti, the squares with the place names painted on the walls. The foresti, or tourists, soon learn that in Venice there are no streets as such, nor squares, there are no roads (or are very rare). They have instead Calli, short streets with houses and palazzos, Fondamenta, a paved road with the canal on one side, Campi, large public squares, Campielli, smaller squares, Corti, such as the one of Gallo where Locanda Gaffaro is located, an even smaller and often private square that can only be accessed by the owners of the houses that overlook it. You will encounter a Salizzada, a paved road and a Rio terrà,, a covered canal, a Piscina, half-way between a calle and a campo in size, a covered water space, while the Bacino is a true water mirror. Finally we have the Sestiere, the neighborhood.
We could continue on and on but these will have to do for now. Come to see us at the hotel, at the Locanda Gaffaro, we will tell you about Rughe, Sacche, Liste and all the other special place names of Venice!

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